There are “Uncle Mount.” both at work and in communities like SNS. I found an interesting Youtube video to explain it, so that I will share it below. It’s also a warning to ourselves, and if we don’t act with caution, we may unconsciously become an “Uncle Mount.” and become a nuisance to others around us.

* Uncle Mount: Implying that a middle-aged man is superior to other people by ranking them according to a certain standard of value.


Professor Sugiyama in this video points out 4 features of “Uncle Mount.”.



   Talking about oneself all the time


Taking a long time


Trying to take the initiative all the time while talking.


Eager to Lecture a young man

I think there might be some people who think it’s good and try to liven up the surrounding by their effort or consideration. However, those middle-aged men positions are usually not very comfortable at work, at home, in the local community, or on social networking sites, so they may be trying to claim their status by bragging about their past or blah blah.


In the workplace, seniors tend to have responsibilities. Those who use their titles to become “Uncle Mount.” are most likely to be a nuisance to juniors around them because they have power and responsibility. Hence, people around them have to adjust to it.


Recently, Clubhouse, a social networking site, also has a Bio where you can introduce your profile. Still, many people try to show they are superior to others based on their excellent career and work experience.


Unlike the company, it doesn’t have any job responsibilities or titles, but it does appeal itself within the Bio and, after all, it becomes an “Uncle Mount.”.on there, too. 


I feel sorry for young people who are forced to deal with their old stories, boastful stories, and outstanding stock of knowledge. On the surface, young people seem to try to make their superiors feel good, but in their hearts, they think, “ANNOYED !”.


In this video, Dr. Sugiyama explains how you can prevent yourself from becoming an “Uncle Mount.” so try not to be one of them.


By masafumi arai

2020年9月1日開始 英会話学校のマーケティング部で働いています。外国人社員や外国人インストラクターと毎日英語でコミュニケーションしています。英語習得に役に立つ情報を発信していきます。