Winter on fire

I did not know why the Ukrainian people were brave enough to protect their own country until I watched this documentary movie.

Winter on Fire

I’ve been following up news crips a lot about what’s happening in Ukraine either by Clubhouse rooms or CNN news. I’ve seen many brave men staying in Ukraine and fighting back to the Russian army. Sadly, many men in Ukraine are dying while their wives and children are evacuating to another country. Most younger men are sacrificing their own lives to protect the country.

I did not know why the Ukrainian people were brave enough to protect their own country until I watched this documentary movie.

Even though Ukraine was independent of Soviet Empire in 1991, they could not gain the freedom and dignity as human beings, which most Western countries take for granted.

Younger generations who were born after 1991, they’ve wished Ukraine to be part of Europe with freedom. However, under the president, Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, there was no freedom in the country, taking the side of Russia communist and rejecting to join in the European family.

This documentary movie successfully describes how Ukrainian people have been protesting against the government where they did not admit people’s wishes and hope to be a valid democratic country.

It’s a bit too graphic to see because they are described as they were. I was shocked to hear that they were not afraid of dying for freedom. Some said it would be much better to die than be a slave without any freedom under the current dictated government.
They were fighting against the government for more than 90 days and finally could kick out the president and gain the right to elect a new president by elections.

After watching this documentary movie, now I understand why Ukraine people have been fighting bravely against Russia after the invasion.

They have a very consistent strong will to protect their country.

Like protecting our family, they protect their country where they love and hope to gain freedom and dignity as human beings one day.

It might be difficult for our younger Japanese people to understand Ukrainian people who take freedom for granted.

Learning a foreign language is to know different cultures as well.

Everyone on the earth hopes to end the war as soon as possible.
Why don’t we wish Ukrainian people to live happily with their loved ones one day?


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