Confidence is believing in yourself


It’s hard to have confidence in yourself, but it’s essential. No matter how tough times are, don’t forget to love yourself and take care of yourself. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


You’re Arrogant, not Confident if you think you’re better than someone else, and you’re swaggering with someone weaker than you.


I think it might be great in general to be better than others in their ability, experience, appearance, and income. Still, we should be careful not to be easily influenced by their overwhelmed words and actions.


In the age of social networking, Some tend to show off their superiority and increase their follower count by “acting as if someone had become something,” Therefore, we should not become easy followers of these types of people.


It is wrong to think of yourself as “I am less valuable to oneself than” or “a person who is boring.”


We don’t live in other people’s lives, so if we do “what one likes and fun,” I think it would be easier to live without worrying about other people’s evaluations.


I have graduated from a life where I only think about things that are easy to be evaluated by many people and do things that are not fun just for the sake of being evaluated by others.

We want what we don’t haveで、「ないものねだり」になりがちですが、自分が持っているものを過小評価してしまうこともやめましょう。あなたの人生で経験したことは全てが宝物です。くだらないものなんてないと思います。

We want what we don’t have, but don’t underestimate what we already have. Everything we’ve experienced in our life is a treasure. I don’t think there is anything worthless.


Having confidence in yourself may mean you can live a positive, enjoyable life doing what you like regardless of other people’s evaluations of what you have!


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