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It reminds me that I was told that I was different from standard Japanese from my ex-coworkers at the workplace.

One of the reasons they felt so was that I was expressive and talked about myself instead of talking about others.

It was sure that I was different both physically and mentally for my age.

Japanese people expect others to behave by their age categories and social status in the communities. In Japan, senior people are more expected to listen to others rather than talking about themselves. In Japan, younger people have prestigious to be outgoing and do whatever they want to do.On the other hand,

older adults are expected to be more conservative about how they act and what to say in society.

I can not deny that I feel so positive when I find younger Japanese people expressing themselves and being a little aggressive in speaking English with many different people from other countries. In contrast, others might feel strange when older do so unless they are professionals in a particular field to talk about.

For our future and global world, it is right one of the good signs that young people learn English and express their opinions and ideas to share with many people in the world and promote Japanese culture or valuable resources we have.

However, here is my concern.

Are Japanese people trying to be more aggressive? Are we urged to be outspoken and being more expressive?

Do I feel that kind of tendency simply because I spend more time socializing with Japanese who are learning and using English? When I find some very aggressive people in the world on SNS by speaking English, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. It might be one of the good things to express their opinions or how they think.

However, I am overwhelmed when they are trying to say what they want to say to others rather than showing respect to others how they might feel to hear them.

Japanese people are generally not to overwhelm others to show off what they have done or achieved, especially in career or business matters on a daily conversation apart from a job interview situation.

I am afraid that we will lose one of our virtues to consider and feel how others think they are overwhelmed by outspoken persons.

Being a person who can speak English doesn’t mean you should be more aggressive.

What thoughts do you have?


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