Nick Ponte – The Tech entrepreneur

「人生何が転機になるか分からない。」という起業家のエピソードを海外記事から選び翻訳しました。お楽しみください。 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


Having helped push thousands of businesses to profit through the result of his online marketing strategies, he’s viewed at one of the top in his industry.


Ponte comes from the island of Maui and is more recently recognized for his laser focused work ethic while growing wildly profitable businesses. Let’s take a sneak peek at the journey of this entrepreneur who came up the hard way and conquered the world.



Ponte had a difficult upbringing as he lost his mother at a young age and had the odds stacked against him to survive and sustain himself. Like many teenagers in Hawaii, he would spend his time surfing, going on long fishing trips or riding motocross through the sugarcane fields, though, in spite of all the fun, the thought about his future always worried him.



Struggling to produce top marks through highschool, he regularly lived with his friends and extended families for most of his teenage years. A major part of his life was spent doing odd jobs like construction, landscaping, and other dead end jobs.



Life took a major turn, when at 17, he met with a near fatal accident and thereafter was invited by a close friend to visit Switzerland to check out opportunities there. Ponte accepted his offer and soon landed on foreign land to brighten up his career. He got acquainted with his first mentor, a doctor, who taught him to broaden his perspective by teaching him business, history, and economics. With a first hand view of his mentor’s success, the bar was set high for Nick to do something great.



His foray into the digital world was not planned and just happened by chance when a close friend asked for help in regards to an issue with his website which he solved for a small fee. That was the start of his entrepreneurial journey and he was hooked. Spending long nights and early mornings on the internet devouring information, he mastered the art of Digital Marketing and set out to start a business.



Today, Ponte stands amongst the best known in the industry having helped many brands and businesses reach dizzying heights through his original and refreshing approach. He was named a Hawaii Business Leader Honoree for his work in 2020 by Pacific Business News for helping thousands of local businesses gain more exposure online during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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