Japanese Airline Tests Hands-Free Bathroom Doors

Japan’s All Nippon Airlines (ANA) has tested a bathroom door that passengers can open and close without using their hands.


The door was tested in ANA’s lounge at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport between June and August. The door can be opened or closed using only an elbow or forearm. Inside the bathroom, passengers can lock the door by sliding a large button with their elbow.

Also in Haneda Airport, Japan Airlines (JAL) has been testing a new check-in screen that doesn’t need to be touched. Passengers can use it by holding a finger about 3 centimeters above the screen. 


ANAもJALも企業努力していますよね。飛行機の中でダントツで衛生的でない場所は、bathroomsだそうです。その次に、the headrest and seat pocketが続くようです。

What are your thoughts on ANA’s hands-free bathroom doors?



By masafumi arai

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