Uncertain Times

I think we’ve been living in uncertain times where nobody knows what will happen in our lives near future. We face many problems, such as many variants of Covid viruses and unstable political situations among super countries like Russia, China, and the US.

We are now in the middle of very critical situations.

As far as living in daily life in Japan, we are relatively still live peacefully compared to that in other countries. Some criticize us that we seem to be in the flower garden where everyone does not take seriously enough what’s happening in other countries like those we wouldn’t have in our own country.

In other words, we take states of peace for granted.

I also doubt that we have no ability and willingness to protect our country from enemies if war occurs to us. I wonder how many of us still have such a patriotic spirit as Ukrainian people fighting for their own country.
As long as we can keep a secure and peaceful world, we don’t need to worry about the protection of our country. Still, I feel anxious about what may occur to Japan if the relationship between China and US goes wrong or Russia’s aggression gets worse.

Sill, we are in the middle of a pandemic too.

Nobody knows what comes next and will damage us.
Currently, we all fight with viruses and between human beings by wars.

It’s damn stupid.

There should be no time to fight between human beings to save our planet earth.
Again, Japan is one of the peaceful and safe countries compared to other unstable countries.
I would say that the reasons why are that we are relatively maintaining political stability and no religious conflicts and no racial issues like other diverse cultures have.
Also, Japanese people are reluctant to argue with others even though they have different opinions, especially in public in Japanese.

Modesty is one of the virtues of Japanese culture.

We were shocked to hear the news of what’s happening in Ottawa in Canada that many truck drives have protested against the mandatory vaccination.
We have rare protests that happened like that in Japan.
Even though we have some negative feelings towards some measures implemented by the government or company, we rarely express our thoughts toward them aggressively.

We instead feel shameful if we do so within Japanese people.

However, our society is also getting more diverse, and globalization is rapidly progressing.
Communication should always be prioritized and valued rather than depending on crucial weapons.

We sometimes need to convey our clear thoughts to others from other cultures.

We don’t have to be so aggressive, but it will be vital to communicate well rather than being silent, hiding our true thoughts behind.
English is the language used in the global community in the world.

I strongly hope the peace in Russia and Ukraine comes soon by diplomatic communications.



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