夫婦別姓についての議論〜Argument about married couples having different surnames

Yesterday at Clubhouse SNS we had a big discussion on the “different family name” issue in English. According to the results of an opinion poll, more than 40% of people approve of the system. Also, even from the perspective of overseas countries, there are rare situations where different surnames are not allowed for married couples. So what do you think? Are there advantages and disadvantages? I participated in yesterday’s discussion from a neutral standpoint.Even though it seems strange for foreigners, but we have our unique background and ideas towards surnames.


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What I emphasized in our discussion yesterday was the unique way of thinking about “surnames” in Japan, unlike other countries. In Japanese society, whether at school or at work, we have often been called by our family name since childhood. In foreign countries, the First Name is often used, so we sometimes do not know what the Last Name of a foreigners are. In short, we can not argue this without understanding the background of strong identity in the family name for Japanese society.

私が、昨日の議論で強調したのは、海外と違い、日本の独特の「姓」に関する考え方です。日本の社会では、学校であれ職場であれ小さい頃から名前を「姓」で呼ばれることが多いです。海外では、First Nameの方が多用されますので、むしろ、外国人のLast Nameが何なのか分からないことするあるくらいですよね。要するに、日本人にとっては、「姓」が持つIdentityが強いバックグランドを理解しなければいけません。

It is also important to understand that there is still a strong awareness of “family” particularly in rural areas. In particular, as the owner of the “eldest son” the idea of protecting ancestral graves and taking care of their own parents remains strong. Actually, the name engraved on the tombstone is the family name of their husband’s family.


According to the results of a public opinion poll, nearly half of the Japanese support the idea of using different surnames for married couples, but it is probably hard to think that the Japanese people living in conservative local cities are such progressive yet.


Don’t you find it strange that children living in the same house have different family names? As I mentioned before, there are many opportunities to use the surname in Japan, unlike overseas.


Of course, it is free to have a variety of ideas and ideologies, and I think that if couples choose to marry on their own will, it is totally up to them to choose their own surnames. And It might be better to allow them choose in law. However, in Japan there is also the idea that marriage is a connection between two married families. In particular, depending on your family background, such as your family’s ancestral status or whether you have your own family business, you should listen carefully to your each parents and make a choice.


In a female-line family, if there is a strong obsession with their surname to continue, there is also a regulation system “adopted son-in-law”, so it is common for men to take the bride’s surname. I think it would be better to choose which family name to use, instead of insisting on a male-line family having an advantage.


However, the argument for a married couple having different surnames means that two “surnames” will coexist in the same family, and if this does not lead to some sort of confusion, then there is absolutely 100% agreement for me to allow them to choose by law.


What’s your thoughts about this ?




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